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Grow organically

TikTok sports over a billion(with a B) active users, which makes it the fastest growing social networking site in the world. TikTok took just two years to achieve this level of success.

In comparison, Facebook achieved the same numbers in 8 years and YouTube in 9 years. It means that a big chunk of the world is at your fingertips. You can find any niche audience on TikTok and reach them quickly!

Triple your TikTok audience

In broad terms, retargeting is a marketing technique that allows you to show ads to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

If you own an e-commerce store, it might visited your website or taken a specific action. An example would be someone abandoning their shopping cart. If you’re a B2B company, it might be anyone that has subscribed to your email list.

Optimise data

Imagine you’re a salesperson and you pick up the phone to cold call a lead. The likelihood of making a sale is generally pretty low, right?

Now imagine you’re calling someone that already knows your name, knows what you sell, and has already expressed interest in what you’re offering. The likelihood of making a sale goes up a lot. Our data optimisation will allow you reach the most eligible and excited leads!

Hundreds of happy clients


"They helped our small business to get new clients"

"I was skeptical about investing in TikTok marketing, but TPulse proved me wrong. They provided a comprehensive approach that made sense for our business and budget. What I appreciate most is their genuine commitment to helping us succeed. They've not only got us 5 new clients but also educated us along the way, which I believe is invaluable. The results have exceeded our expectations, and I'm excited to see where our business journey will take us with this fantastic agency by our side."

Maria Rodriguez

Marketing manager, Founder


"This agency's TikTok marketing services are exceptional. My brand's TikTok account has seen a phenomenal boost in engagement and brand awareness. They are the real TikTok experts."

Amy Waters

Founder, Ami Waters

"Our TikTok ads clicks doubled!"

"I'm so glad I found this agency! They transformed our ad creatives from mundane to memorable. I've watched our clicks soar, and I couldn't be happier with the results."

Natalia J. Volkova


"The results were immediate!"

"After struggling to gain traction on TikTok for months, I finally decided to seek professional help, and I'm so glad I did. This agency took my TikTok account from obscurity to 5000 followers. They carefully analyzed our niche and competitors, developed a personalized strategy, and created content that resonated with our audience. The results were immediate – our views and likes multiplied, and our follower count soared. Their data-driven approach, creativity, and dedication to our success have been outstanding. This agency has not only transformed our TikTok presence but also our entire business strategy. Thank you TPulse!

Elena Costa

Influencer, Founder

"They gained us our first 1000 followers!"

"In a sea of TikTok marketing agencies, this one truly stands out. They can get you followers for a very reasonable price. I've been working with them for several months now, and the impact on our brand's TikTok presence has been remarkable - from 0 to 1000 followers in 1 month! Thanks to their expertise, we're now reaching a wider and more engaged audience, and our conversion rates are at an all-time high. These guys are the real TikTok experts."

Youssef El Amrani

Owner, Autodino

"They're the real deal."

"Hats off to TPulse! They not only improved our engagement but also helped us connect with our target audience in unique and authentic ways. They're the real deal."

Melanie Holloway

Founder, Allegras Jewels

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We have the skills to create dynamic and engaging content that captivates your followers. From strategy to influencer partnerships, we have all the tools to elevate your presence on TikTok.

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